Sunday, July 26, 2020

FEA - Pipeline buckle during reeling process

The one of the biggest challenges on pipeline installation is that when bent to curvatures such as those experienced during reeling the liner can buckle. In the present study the problem is examined under the more complex loading experienced. The FEA model was modeled in shell that in contact with a almost perfect curvature to initialized its bending process.

CFD - Horizontal Multiphase oil separator

A vessel, with its cylindrical axes parallel to the ground, that is used to separate oil, gas and water from the produced stream. The horizontal separator can be a two-phase or three-phase separator. The vessel was modelled in 2D with 3 phases, oil, water and sand. the vessel was investigate with and without buffer to understand the effectiveness.

CFD - Oil Filtration

Crude oil is the origin for most liquid and gas hydrocarbon products. Crude oil in its natural form comes mixed with many undesired solid contaminants, which must be removed during the refining processes. Several kinds of filtration systems can be applied in different stages of the purification processes of crude oil, depending on the use that wants to be given to the product being filtered.